I write. I’ve written three books and a bunch of articles.

Two of the books are instructional guitar stuff: The Capo and The Partial Capo, for Hal Leonard.

8 comments on “writings.”

  1. Randall, I just wanted to THANK YOU for your teaching on Jamplay! I have watched your videos in the past on short capo work and have really enjoyed playing with a short capo. I have only been writing for 2 years and performing for 6 months so it is all SO new to me, but I WILL use what I learned from you to have a better show! THANKS SO MUCH! I am now starting to write songs using the short capo.

    Curt Collins

  2. I am outside Charlotte, NC. If you get a chance check out a song I wrote for my wife’s grandparents inspired by YOUR videos showing how to use the short cut capo. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aPjmILrZwdc

    THANKS! It was cool to do that for my wife’s Dad and it was so different with the sounds coming from using the Short Cut Capo. I would love to see you live. You coming around my parts anytime soon? Asheville, Charlotte,??? Thanks so much my man! I am going back to watch some more videos!


  3. Thank you Randall for the book “The Sea Inside”. To follow your inner journey while sailing away (or home) gave another picture of the interesting guy we met in Marrakesh. Bertil and I just said, apart from the book, that you made our visit to Marrakesh! Vi önskar dig allt gott inför framtiden, och om och när du är i Sverige igen, hoppas vi få veta det. Du minns väl din svenska? Hälsningar, Anna Michalowska

  4. hi man i need your help with a song
    can you send me your email or send me an empty message
    this is my email facouseh.joudeh@yahoo.com

  5. Randall,

    Looking to book you for home concert in Greenville, SC. Let me know your schedule..thinking early February.

    you rock.


    • Hi Steve,

      JUST got this message. Amazingly, those stars align, I’m thinking seriously about SC in February, part of a bigger road trip. So yes, let’s tawk. I’m going to go hunt you down now on the interweb. Email me?

  6. hi randell

    we are learning about you in english and
    tomorrow you’re comming to are school
    i hope it’s going to be fun.

    thanks allready


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