Focal Length:70mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS-1Ds Mark II

Here are some lo-res images from shows, print-quality shots are on their way soon. Until then, drop me an email?

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2 comments on “pictures.”

  1. Still looking for my socks – you knocked them off last night at the house concert in Glenside. Discovering your music was amazing. I do have to say that in thinking about time circling back, I’m afraid my mind didn’t go to the Einstein or the Time-Traveler’s wife, but instead raced to a Star Trek episode (the Next Generation) – one of my least favorites where the characters are caught in an endless poker game. Guess my depth is someone lacking! It was a wonderful evening – thank you and travel safely.

  2. Hi Randall,
    My name is Prem Shankar , a christian scientist friend of your mom from India and living in Chicago for last 30 years. I hope you enjoyed your trip to india. Where did you all travel in India. What did you and did not like there? How was food and people and music? I have always liked Ravi Shankar the Sitarist. I like Sitar and Tabla music combination even though I have never learned any music. My wife and daughter-in-law were in India during all December and just came back on 30th of December. They just loved being there.

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