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By: whereisrandall

Nov 29 2011


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4 comments on “Audio Post”

  1. Good stuff Randall, I at 48 years old finally picked up a guitar to learn something I always wanted to learn. I started private lessons which were great but My instructor moved to Oregon and I’m in Indiana. I chewed on what he gave me for a month or so and decided to try Jam play on line. Thank you for your amazing instruction! I can’t stop and I’m havin a ball. Why didn’t I do this when I was 16…..????? I’ll be listening Saturday night! Have a great show!! I am really diggin your style!! Thanks again, a new fan, Tony B. , Muddville , Indiana

  2. Hi Randall, I watching your videos on on just about every video you made. Thanks to you I have progressed a lot more on guitar than on my own. I can’t thank you enough for your music and time to teach others. Will you ever be in North Carolina? If so please let me know I would like to see one show.

    • Cheers Mike,

      May be out near AVL or Durham in February, still waiting to see. Definitely at the Wilcox Weekend in mid-May in Hendersonville. 🙂 Can I add you to the mailing list?

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