Ah, October…

By: whereisrandall

Sep 30 2011

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My birthday was yesterday. It’s been a sweet year, full of all kinds of good stuff. Summer is slowly yielding to Fall up here in Maine, and I’m pushing the weather window about as much as I can to keep sailing until it’s just too cold and windy. It’s been delicious out there.

The life-questioning continues, the whys and wherefores and all that. I’ve got some great Einstein’s Dreams shows in the hopper, including December 3rd at Principia College in Elsah Illinois, with a full orchestra. It’s a free show – if you’re in range, you should come. Email me to get on the guestlist.

But mostly, my ADHD is still zooming along. I wonder about building geodesic disc-shelters in developing countries, I think about sailing off to blue water and working on eradicating my tan lines, and I’m captivated by Helen and Scott Nearing’s writings on sustainability.

Oh, and I was floored by Seth Godin’s take on this recession being permanent:

In ten days, I’m off to China and Korea, both for the first time. When I come back, I’m playing in Philly:
Friday Oct 21st in Media PA at Todd and Sheryl Garfinkel’s (email me)
Sat. Oct 22nd in Glenside PA at the Yavit home:

Then I’m slated to go on a little sailing trip to Bermuda for a bit before playing two other cool gigs:
Nov. 19th: Fair Lawn, NJ:
Nov. 20th: Ridgefield CT:

In December, I’ll travel around India sans iPhone or computer, do lots of yoga and spend quality time on the beach staring at the Indian Ocean. Come January, the whole thing starts up again. I’ve probably given up trying to be great at anything in particular, I’m just trying to show up and be real and let it change me.

What about you? How’s your journey coming along? Anything I can help with?

Love, Randall

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