The Butterfly Effect – and Columbus and Chicago this weekend.

By: whereisrandall

Aug 15 2011

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Maybe it’s the Einstein stuff I’ve been working on, all of the causality questions. This week I’ve been thinking about the Butterfly Effect – in specific why it caused me to get the boat I’ve spent the last ten days sailing on.

A couple of miles North of here, some guy had put his sailboat out by the road with a “for sale” sign on it. Nothing odd there. It was there for a few years until it sold, and every time I passed it it started my inner hamster wheel turning. last summer I was biking along a different road when I saw another of the same boats for sale – for those interested, a Bristol 27, a sweet little weekend cruiser. I stopped to check it out, and pretty well decided that it was time to get a boat again. Over the next week I saw a few more Bristols, and then I found the one I wanted. The owner named a great price, and I had basically decided, but took a few days to think about it.

Mentioning this to a friend two days later, she told me about friends of hers who were letting go of their Cheoy Lee Offshore 33 ketch ( a much bigger boat, far more comfortable for offshore cruising) because they were getting older and had too many projects to care for her anymore. The deal was, they’d sell the boat for a dollar – if the new owner would get her back in the water and let them sail her a few weeks each year.

And so that’s how this boat came to me, and how it happened that I just spent the last few weeks sailing around Maine, and why before too long I’ll probably end up on the Intercostal Waterway headed town to the Caribbean to cruise for a while. As a bonus, the couple who owned the boat are the kindest, nicest folks you’d ever want to meet. Tuesday I drive off to Chicago for some shows, and they’ll sail their old boat around the Maine coast until I come back.

But I can’t help thinking that this seed was planted years ago because some guy put his boat out by the road, and it captivated my imagination. We do little things all the time, and mostly never see how they affect the world around us. But they matter in ways that we may never know. Please keep doing what you’re doing – especially the stuff you put your heart and soul into. Our world needs that a whole bunch.

Thursday night this week, I’ll make a brief stop in Columbus Ohio to hang with friends.

Friday I’ll get the double Einstein/Orchestra CDs from the printers (woo hoo!) and will mail out your pre-orders right away.
Want one? Click here:

Saturday I’m playing live on 98.7 WFMT in Chicago, (streaming:, 8 pm Central), joined by cellist Dirje Smith and vocalist Helena Nash.

Sunday we’ll play a sweet little concert series at St. Giles in Oak Park at 7:00.

Wednesday the 24th, Helena and I will do a show in Mendota IL, for those in the neighborhood. Write me for details if you’re interested.

Since losing Leo, more than ever it’s been so clear that we just don’t get a dress rehearsal for this thing. Thanks for being your bravest selves out there and for the art you’re making with your lives. We need you.


One comment on “The Butterfly Effect – and Columbus and Chicago this weekend.”

  1. Randall..

    You have the Butterfly, I have the Dragonfly… take care my friend. Always remember to
    “Follow your Bliss”……… happy singing and happy sailing.

    Cowgirl Susan
    Atascadero, CA

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