Einstein’s Dreams Double CD with Orchestra

By: whereisrandall

Jul 19 2011

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Hey Gang,

It’s summer in Maine. So it’s been hard to do real “work” of any sort.

My coping strategy has been to get into a rhythm – do the most important thing 15 minutes a day, then if I can manage, do other important stuff for a bit. After that, no more work. It’s kind of a variation on Tim Ferris’s Four Hour Work Week.

It’s going okay, I guess. I just got back from five days of sailing around the Maine coast in my 33′ ketch Fine Companion, and tomorrow I’m off to Nashville for the weekend. Today, I’m writing you and wrapping up the graphic design on the Bijou Orchestra version of Einstein’s Dreams.

Here’s a great video of one song.

This whole project has been tough going, mostly because it caused me to push hard through all kinds of resistance – writing a full show in 8 months, contracting with my lawyer and Alan Lightman’s agent, nasty bronchitis the day before the premiere. At a number of points, I was prepared to cave and walk away. Then the worst possible thing happened – I lost my friend, the show’s orchestrator, and my business partner.

Listening to the recording and seeing the videos has been tough. But he’s standing silently by as this show develops a new life of it’s own. I’ll take it to other orchestras, to high schools and colleges, and tour it internationally. I’ve even been offered a distribution deal that will bundle the book and one of the CDs together, and I’ve been invited to perform these songs for an association of science museums.

It’s the right work, if it requires pushing back against the lizard brain. I’m glad I’ve got you. Thanks so much for your support and encouragement, for making the shows happen, and making it all worthwhile.

The Bijou Orchestra double CD of Einstein’s Dreams has 21 songs, including the prologue and the epilogue from the book. It goes from gentle ballads through heavy horn funk and rhythmic spoken word. It’s a fantastic recording from two live shows, by David Lau, a Grammy-winning classical engineer, and it’s a remarkable trip through turn of the century Switzerland as Albert is breaking the world with his wild ideas about time and space. It’s my biggest and most ambitious project to date, and I’m proud of it. I think you’ll love it.

It goes to press in a few days. If you’d like to pre-order a copy, I’ll send you one just as soon as I get ’em: http://bit.ly/nFjqzc.

Thanks, friends. And have a great summer.

Randall who just finished eating an avocado smoothie. Trust me on this. Avocado and a cup of almond milk with a little agave, blend the bejeebus out of it. Yum!

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