Austin this weekend

By: whereisrandall

Apr 29 2011

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Gang! It’s SPRING!

And it’s very exciting to be home. Since leaving five weeks ago, I was all over Europe and then back before trotting off to New Zealand for two weeks. All very fun – but even Comet Boy’s ADHD has limits. I cancelled two weekends away to stay home and work on getting the boat ready for launch.

Which brings up a great question, actually. How many of us are doing exactly what we want to be doing? I’ve tried to build a pretty intentional life, and support others doing the same. I try to make music and teaching about pushing past boundaries, too. And still I wonder, what serves folks the most? How to help break routines so that we can do more of what we love, be with the people who matter the most, all that? Comments welcome, below.

Thanks to Club Passim’s Iguana Fund, this fall, I’ll be teaching Einstein’s Dreams as integrated curriculum in in two New England high schools. There’s a cool video about it here: Iguana Fund Grant video. Oh, and if you like, I’ve got copies of the novel now – you can buy the Einstein’s Dreams Book/CD combo from me here for $30, with free shipping.

As always, thanks for being there and making it all worth it. Austin dates for next weekend are below.

Love, Randall

Friday May 6th at Paul Barker’s House (with awesome cellist Dirje Smith!)

Saturday May 7th at Tom and Vicki’s Onion Creek series, (with awesome cellist Dirje Smith!)

Sunday May 8th at Journey IFC,
for the morning service as well an an evening show.

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