Your dreams for the new year?

By: whereisrandall

Dec 30 2010

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Mondo Beyondo, California, and new Einstein CD


I hope your holidays have been gentle and peaceful. I hope you loved what you’re giving, and that you are surrounded by the people who are most important to you. Turning a page in a calendar can be arbitrary, but marking milestones isn’t at all.

What are you grateful for? What are you ready for in 2011? What do you dream of that you don’t dare to write on that list of resolutions? I’d like to know, so write back, or share as a response below.

I’m starting 2011 with Mondo Beyondo – it’s a really cool idea that started as a blog post in 2004, the idea that you should commit the biggest dreams you could possibly have to paper every year. Heidi and I would make our lists and call each other to share them, giggling at the atrocious ones and murmuring along, hearing each other commit to the really hard stuff.

It’s inspiring to see a blogger take off like this, too – that blog entry has birthed a website, a thrice-yearly e-class, and the whole thing supports her jewelry making, photography career, and feeds her family. Watching Andrea makes me want to help folks that much more to build their intentions into the lives they want.

Also inspiring: Adam and Courtney who sold all their stuff to travel the world with their little girl Milligan, My friend Julie who works nights on the VA suicide hotline, and this post from IttyBiz’s Naomi Dunford.

In January, I’m in California:
On Friday the 7th, I’m playing Fred and Sharon’s place in Atascadero
On Thursday the 13th, I’ll open for David Wilcox in Hollywood:
After that, I’ll be at NAMM until the 16th, if you’re in Anaheim, come say hey.
Then I’m off to the national guitar festival in the Philippines, with a brief stop in Japan first.

The Einstein’s Dreams project is speeding along, gathering momentum by the day. I wrote the collection of songs based on Alan Lightman’s bestselling novel. Last week I went to his home and we listened to the finished CD together. He LOVED the music. He picked up the phone and called his agent right away to tell her we’d send a business plan immediately with the recording. The business plan is full of big ideas. In a few days, we’ll meet to map out a way forward together, and I’ll let you know as it develops.

What’s already in place is big enough: The CD is out February 1st, then on February 26th/27th I’ll premiere the cycle with the Bijou Orchestra at the State Theater in Michigan, and Dr. Lightman will speak. We’ll tour the show with an orchestral ensemble, and I even got a grant from Club Passim’s Iguana Fund to give workshops and performances in two underserved high schools this Spring.

So that’s how this year is shaping up so far. In Spring, I’ll tour Europe again and Australia/New Zealand for the first time before coming home to launch my new 33′ ketch “Fine Companion” for a long summer of sailing in Maine.

What are your dreams? If you knew your life were about to change radically, what would you do? Will 2011 be your best year yet?

Keep in touch,


3 comments on “Your dreams for the new year?”

  1. Dream BIG right!

    I want to finish writing 6 songs for an ep to be self released and be selective where we play.

    Oh…and maintain a strong energy efficiency business, travel the rest of the world, sail 1 month in the BVI’s.

    Black Tea Project

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