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By: whereisrandall

Sep 27 2010

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The gig was awesome. The band was hot, energy was up, and the night was cool and beautiful. There were women hula-hooping and dancing in the field, there were folks singing and clapping along, and the whole thing made it into a digital recorder.

AvalonFest is a yearly music festival held in Paw Paw West Virginia. It’s just like any other little music festival, except that it’s held at a clothing-optional resort. Most performers don’t play nude; I did.

The recording of that set captures the vibe and energy pretty darn well. Lisa Redfern sang delicious harmony, Tommy Geddes kicked out some mean-driving rhythms, Mike Mullane delivered a seamless low end, and Miche Fambro played electric and classical lead with his signature percussive flamenco/jazz style. It was an AWESOME show. I got to dance around on stage and off while the band just killed it during the solos.

Tommy and the guys helped edit, then I stayed up until four that night, burning a hundred CDs to fill pre-orders. As of this writing, there are about 50 left. The disc has 12 songs, five of which haven’t been recorded before: “Mexico,” “You,” “Mirrors and String,” “Around Around Around,” and the brand-new “Suppose Time.” It’s in a sleeve, so no fancy liner notes. If you’d like a copy, PayPal me $15 (which includes shipping) and I’ll get one in the mail to you right away – just click here.

The playlist and linked audio samples are below:

Ghost In The Machine
Praying For Land
Mirrors and String
Around Around Around
Spirit of Amelia
Draw the Line
Suppose Time
Stronger For Your Flame
Destiny Bound

Click here to buy now through PayPal, easily and securely.

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