Santo Domingo. Saturday, August 30th.

By: whereisrandall

Sep 04 2008

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Saturday fell to bits, sort of. Sanon showed up more or less on time at the square in the morning, as promised. He brought his friend Juanita, and the three of us headed to a nearby hotel where his Hatian friend had a guitar he could borrow.

The music was nice, and the camera looked on from atop a twelve dollar Chinese tripod but I couldn’t bear to wrestle with all the audio setup there in the city square.

The three of us ended up going back to their place and playing some more there before calling it a day – I needed to go meet Cesar, an Sanon had rehearsal for something or other, and Juanita took a nap.

Before we parted ways, Sanon gave me his brother Duval’s phone number in Port-au-Prince, an we arranged for me to meet him when I got off the bus in Haiti the next afternoon. I’m still nervous about the political situation, and more than one person has advised me not to travel alone.

Cesar didn’t show, and so I headed home to my little hole in the wall hotel room to pack. I got wrapped up in something or other, and it started to drizzle. I stayed in and decided to give the Cancioneros a miss. Next time.

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